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Bone Zone

I was fear-inspired when I created this song back in 2017. The new version of Stephen King’s “IT” had just came out and I was ready to make something crazy. The voices you hear are recordings of my sister and I. Funny story, I tried to do the voice acting for the ringmaster as well, but my best attempts sounded like a donkey impersonation. So I went off to fiverr and found myself a real voice actor. Needless to say, he blew any attempt I made out of the water!

Another thing to note, I was also undecided on an artist name and was juggling the name “Bone Daddy.”

The beginning soundscape is set in a spooky carnival with the audio focusing on an ill-fated duo browsing the abandoned-looking outer corners of the establishment. Upon finding the creepiest attraction they could find, the two possibly made their last decision by choosing to enter “The Bone Zone.”

Find out what happens to the pair. Watch the music video below and listen to the track!

All the art is this music video was created by my talented wife, Denis! I thought she did a great job on the main jester skull (Bone Daddy).

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