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The Kraken 1.0

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Kraken 1.0 is a patcher plugin I built for my first YouTube episode "Remixing an 8-Year-Old's Song." In the video, one of the challenges I gave myself was to only use stock FL Studio plugins.

Needless to say, I had a hard time designing the type of synths I wanted to hear for the remix. So, I went at it for a couple days–which turned into 2-3 weeks–and I built a patch that:

Emulates Wave Table Modulation

Automates Parameters with 4 Customizable LFO Controllers

Has 2 OSCs, a Sampler (Noise), and a Sub Built into the Main Interface

Has an FX Board with 7 Interchangeable FX (with the ability to choose between stacked and parallel processing)

The Kraken is in its beta form, so there may be some bugs. If you have suggestions or bug reports, please send it my way via the CONTACT ME section on the bottom of my ABOUT page.

Also, if you make anything with The Kraken, send it my way! Hit me up on my CONTACT ME form and I'll check it out!

If you want to try it out, go to my DOWNLOADS page and it's FREE to download there!

And for legal purposes, I must say I am not liable for anything that might happen to your computer while using this patch. If you use it, you use "as is" and at your own risk. (Hate to be all legal and serious, but it's a rough world out there)

Hope you all enjoy!

The Kraken Logo, FL Studio Patcher
The Kraken Logo
The Kraken boasts 2 Oscillators, a Sampler (Noise), and a Sub built into the main interface
The Kraken Main Interface

The Kraken FX Board. Fl Studio Patcher
The Kraken FX Board

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