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The Kraken 1.0
  • The Kraken 1.0

    The Kraken is a Sytrus based FM digital synthesizer patch for patcher. It's primary layout (The Kraken) consists of 2 scilators, a Sub and a Sampler. It's secondary layout (FX Control Board) consists of 7 interchangable FXs.


    By utilizing Sytrus's X-Mod (linked to the crossfades of operator 1-5), The Kraken is able to achieve a surpringly convincing emulation of Real-Time Wave Table manipulation.


    The Kraken also features 4 customizable LFO Controllers that you can use to easily modulate any parameter on the "Kraken" and/or "FX Board." It's as simple as creating an LFO shape of your choosing, then linking it to any parameter that you've activated within the "Kraken" and/or "FX Control Board" tabs/surface controllers. 


    The FX Control Board offers 7 interchangle FXs that can be arranged for stacked or paralell processing–giving the user complete control over how their synth is processed.


    The Kraken has many more features that I will cover in a future video along with an instructional .pdf that I will make available for download.


    But for now, it is in super Beta form. So try it out if you dare!

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