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New Video: TikTok Girl

I am so pleased to announce the release of my latest song and music video, "TikTok Girl."

This project was so awesome to work on because much of the video was created by my wife, Denis. She has been a part of all the content we've made so far, but I feel this video really features her abilities! For the past 5 years, Denis has been developing her skills in digital art and animation, and in many ways, this video is her debut as an animator!

It was an such a fun collaboration and I couldn't be more happy to add my name to this video!

To watch "TikTok Girl", You can click on the link to the side. It'll take you straight to my TikTok Page!

Download the music for free! You can find it on the music section of my website or click this link to the side!

If you'd like to check out more of Denis's work, you can find it on her Instagram page here:

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