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Intergalactic space travel is fraught with dangers. When resting on an abandoned planet with an ancient mecha metropolis, be sure to bring a big gun–you're going to need it.

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The Bone Zone

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Hidden in the corners of your local county fair, the Bone Zone is not for the faintest of hearts. The unfortunate souls that enter this attraction may realize all too late that this ride is like no other. Bravery turns to fear; gaiety turns hysteria. What will you find inside "The Bone Zone"? 

The Bone ZoneAttaBotty (William Stewart-Carreras)
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What does love feel like? In youth, it's the question on almost all our minds. The answer to this question gets complicated and muddied with time and age. However, the first and simplest of answers is likely the most accurate. It feels like Butterflies.


Keep it simple and the love will fly.

ButterfliesAttaBotty (William Stewart-Carreras)
00:00 / 04:01
Singles_Mecha Valley
The Bone Zone
Mech Valley


"Polar Reflections" is meant to be an embodiment of duality, a phenomenon intimately understood across cultures and spiritual traditions. Like pieces of a puzzle, this art and musical track highlights my own ruminations and the beautiful concepts I became aware of while researching different theologies from around the world. The ultimate intention is to illuminate diverse perspectives on duality and the inherent beauty within each interpretation to nurture the viewer's contemplation on this mystifying and mind boggling subject.

Road to Fickleton
Allurig Continuity
Tank Wars_1
Dark Background


Evening in Metropolis

Original soundtrack by AttaBotty

When nightfall comes and the rain starts to drizzle, a city comes to life in the most calming way.



Road to Fickleton

Original Soundtrack by AttaBotty


The road to Fickleton. Where does it go? For each of us, it's somewhere different.

Road to Fickleton_Prev.png



Original Soundtrack by AttaBotty

Despair is a dish best served cold and slimy

To the larva,

bliss unmeasured,

The rat,

stillness forever,

The walking observer,

a ghastly sight,

The one who sees all,

a duality too tall.



Alluring Continuity

Original Soundtrack by AttaBotty


“Alluring Continuity” traces the journey of a simple seed, nestling dormant in the dark earth…As the seedling sprouts, tentacled milky roots pierce the nether depths whilst wispy green tendrils clamber to the surface to unfurl blades of breathing leaf that harness light from its sun-kissed skin. This budding rapture culminates in an epiphany of color, crowning the final journey with fragrant plumes and flower blooms. Yet as the cycle of life shadows the change of seasons, flowers fade and leaves wither, but not before a promise of future rebirth is bequeathed in a simple seed, ensuring a fragile permanence and alluring continuity.

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Tank Wars

tank wars _1.png

Tank Wars is an explosion fueled 3D board game. Players are matched against each other or the computer to battle for their lives in a chess-like cubed arena. AttaBotty was selected to compose the music and SFX for this game.

Tank WarsAttaBotty (William Stewart-Carreras)
00:00 / 01:36

Tank Wars Level 2 (Boss)

tank wars _2.png

Music for level 2 (Boss). If you're good enough to make it to level 2, you get to hear this song!

Tank Wars Level 2AttaBotty (William Stewart-Carreras)
00:00 / 01:22

Rust Valley - Main Menu

Rust Valley Logo.png

Rust Valley is an endless 3D 1st person shooter that AttaBotty was selected to compose the music and SFX for. Unfortunately, due to limited staffing and other issues, the project was never completed. However, you can listen to what would have been the main menu here!

Rust Valley - MenuAttaBotty (William Stewart-Carreras)
00:00 / 01:17


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Aldur is a 3D short film AttaBotty was chosen to make the music and SFX for. You can listen to the score here. Enjoy!

Aldur_With SFXAttaBotty (William Stewart-Carreras)
00:00 / 00:24

Choose Your Character

game music.png

If you're ever playing a combative video game, you're probably going to need to CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER

Choose Your CharacterAttaBotty (William Stewart-Carreras)
00:00 / 00:32
Tank Wars_2
Rust Valley
Choose Your Character
Evening In Metropolis
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