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Sneak Peak Polar Reflections

Sneak Peak Polar Reflections

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* To watch this piece the way it was intended, please be sure to set quality to 1080p and use your best headphones or speakers to fully appreciate the musical composition and SFX. Thank you!

Polar Reflections

Where all is one, you will only find reflections,

weaved by the way, they intertwine the dual, 

A paradoxical harmony, an eternal dance, 

on the Axis Mundi, they spin,

on the edge of life’s wheel, they play.


Terrifying, they are beautiful,

Whimsical, they are sublime.


To be misunderstood, 

is the mirage of the facets,

What they reveal, many dare not behold,

The abyss of low and high,

The place where dreams are born.


Terrifying, they are beautiful,

Whimsical, they are sublime.


In accord with oppositions, 

one finds friends in all places,

objection blinds revelation,

confusion being its child,

snagged not by distraction, black is but a shade of white.


Terrifying, it is beautiful,

Whimsical, it is sublime.


About this piece

"Polar Reflections" is the result of eight months of dedicated collaboration between Da’Nici and AttaBotty. 


At its core, "Polar Reflections" dives deep into the theme of duality, a concept intricately understood across cultures and spiritual traditions. The intention here is to illuminate the diverse perspectives on duality and the inherent beauty within each interpretation. Like pieces of a grand puzzle, the aim is to harmonize these cultural viewpoints and convey a shared understanding.


The piece's animation is rich in mythological and religious symbols from various cultures, including the prominent "Face of Glory," Kirtimukha, celebrated in Hindu and Buddhist sects. In many interpretations, this symbol embodies the universe's perpetual cycle of devouring and recycling itself in myriad ways, a concept that, while daunting, possesses an astonishing beauty. Kirtimukha's tale, as told in the Shiva Purana, is a fitting allegory for this idea.


Wedged between the teeth of Kirtimukha is another powerful symbol. It is the legendary Ouroboros, the snake consuming its own tail, signifying the eternal cycles of life, death, and rebirth. This symbol has left an incredible impact across numerous cultures, symbolizing the unending flow of time and transmigration of souls.


The center of the piece presents a 2D animated scene featuring the Tree of Life juxtaposed with its opposite, reflecting the interplay between light and darkness, life and death, day and night. This duality is not meant to evoke judgment but to showcase the intricate interdependence of these contrasting elements within the grand tapestry of existence.


The piece encourages viewers to engage with these symbols and concepts, rather than seeking to fully comprehend or consume them. Ultimately, it's a dance, a play, an ever-flowing interaction, and the central 2D scene represents the soma, the sacred nectar of life, drawn forth by the eternal interplay between opposing forces.


Finally, the angelic-monk figure atop Kirtimukha's forehead serves as a catalyst, inviting the audience to enter the scene and become an active part of the cosmic dance. By understanding and supporting the interconnectedness of this intricate system within their own minds, viewers become participants in the dance of Asuras and Devas, experiencing the world's profound beauty and complexity. "Polar Reflections" is an artistic message that beckons the audience to embrace the whimsical and sublime interplay of existence.

About the track

This piece serves as the first track of a forthcoming four-track EP. Each track will be released individually as singles, yet collectively, they form an album with a unified message.


In a personal challenge to create a truly unique auditory experience, I combined two of my favorite genres, film scoring and EDM. I've dubbed it "Theatrical EDM," as it weaves elements of theater and dramatization with the unmistakable "break" characteristic of EDM. The objective here is to captivate the audience from the outset with an opening narration, enveloping them in a trance-like atmosphere. This narration, presented in poetic form, explores the philosophy of duality, entwining the complex interplay of opposites.


When the piece begins, a tape machine ushers us into the track, reminiscent of vintage recordings from luminaries like Alan Watts, Carl Jung, and Joseph Campbell. The intention is to instill a sense of gravity, inviting the audience to explore existential depths. While these great figures have attained mainstream recognition, I chose to create my own unique poem that speaks to the heart of duality, emanating directly from my contemplations on the subject.


As the poem unfolds, the music dynamically transforms, transitioning from an old tape recording vibe to a modern cinematic soundscape. This shift emphasizes the immediate and the ever-present nature of these mysteries, hidden in plain sight. The introduction of the first melody, marked by a circular pattern of 2 notes ascending and 2 notes descending, brings a sense of eternal change while retaining a consistent structure.


The musical composition evolves as the poem progresses, culminating in a grand orchestral arrangement with a full ensemble of instruments. As the poem concludes, the music undergoes a transition, shifting from theatrical film score to EDM.


The EDM segment features a syncopated beat representing the dance between light and dark, the interplay of life's serious and playful aspects. When the main break hits, the haunting yet beautiful arpeggios of piano and synths, along with the guitars, create an awe-inspiring moment. The track's main message emerges here, highlighting life's mystery, sorrow, and joy as an exhilarating trip.


The bridge revisits the seriousness of the underlying message, presented in an exciting EDM style. The track's final break draws the listener back to the center of the wheel of duality, where everything unites. Life is portrayed as a giant, ever-turning wheel with adventure at its edges and clarity at its core.


As the track reaches its conclusion, it cools down, conveying the idea that a single note can transform an entire mood. The bassline, shifting between C, A and Ab, showcases how changing context can lead to perpetual evolution. The tape machine sound design returns, rewinding to bring the audience back from their mental journey, preparing them to incorporate these thoughts into their reality.


The music concludes with the tape machine rewinding, paying homage to the endless cycle that underscores existence.


What's Included

For the 1/1 Edition of the animation, the following is included: 

1.) A link to download the 4k version of "Polar Reflections".

2.) 3 bonus animations

For the 1/10 Editions of the track, the following is included:

1.)A link to download the .MP3

Behind the Scenes

Programs used: 
Blender, FL Studio, DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve.png

At 4 minutes, this piece proved to be our most challenging project to date. 

Due to the amount of detail in this animation, a total of 6 blender projects had to be constructed separately to manage all the various assets.


After completing these assets and their animations, we merged them together into a single "mega" project file.

When rendering the images from this "mega" project,  each frame would take 2-3 minutes to be exported.

For our largest render of 1440 frames, the rendering lasted almost 3 days for a 1 minute animation.

daynight BTS.png

Night scene project file in Blender

Screenshot 2023-10-17 192655.png

Kirtimukha blender project

Original Soundtrack "Polar Reflections"

Music Composition 

The original soundtrack for "Polar Reflections" composed and produced by AttaBotty.

The ensemble for this piece includes: 

  • Electric Guitar

  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Cello

  • Vibraphone

  • Celeste

  • Glockenspiel

  • Pads

"Polar Reflections" project score

  • Contra Bass

  • Choir

  • Horn

  • Trombone

  • Arp Synthesizers

  • Lead Synthesizers

  • Bass Synthesizers

  • Drums

music project file for Polar Reflections
Screenshot 2023-10-21 112750.png

Ouroboros blender project


Nebula blender project file

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