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Digital Art

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Road to Fickleton


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Artwork by: IndigoSputnik

Music & SFX by: AttaBotty


1/1 Editions

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Watch Below

Dark Background

* To watch this piece the way it was intended, please be sure to set quality to 1080p and use your best headphones or speakers to fully appreciate the musical composition and SFX. Thank you!

The Road to Fickleton. Where does it go? For each of us, it's somewhere different.

Behind the Scenes

Programs used: 
Affinity, Blender, FL Studio


At 58 seconds, this piece is comprised of 1397 frames.

All details were hand drawn, painted and separately animated.


Using a total of 47 layers, it required 93 independent objects to complete this animation. Because every object is uniquely animated, the true combined total of frames for this piece is 5,861.

Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 3.09.59 PM.png

"Road to Fickleton" initial sketch

screen capture.PNG

"Road to Fickleton" project file in Affinity

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 6.00.03 PM.png

"Road to Fickleton" project file in Blender

Original Soundtrack & SFX for "Road to Fickleton"

Music Composition 

The original soundtrack for "Road to Fickleton" was composed by AttaBotty.


This accompanying musical piece features a full string orchestra with celesta, piano and glockenspiel.


The soundtrack was produced in AttaBotty's studio with his library of digital virtual instruments. 

The digital instruments in this composition use state-of-the-art technologies to produce world class virtual ensembles. For many, they are indistinguishable from live performing musicians. 

The ensemble for this piece includes: 

  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Cello

  • Contra Bass

  • Piano

  • Celesta

  • Glockenspiel

Project playlist.png

"Road to Fickleton" Project Score

Sound Effects

All of the Foley sound effects (SFX) for this animation were processed by AttaBotty in his studio.


Each sample was uniquely crafted to immerse the audience into the scene. Using a combination of strategic panning, reverb, compression and EQ, AttaBotty strived to attune the listener to the visual cues of every detail of the animation.

SFX Project Playlist_Road to Fickleton.png

SFX for "Road to Fickleton"

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