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For Fun

Remixing God's Hornline 🎺🎷😇

In my youth, I was in the marching band. I held the titles of Band Captain and Drum Captain. 


During that time, I was introduced to the professional marching bands of D.C.I.. Out of them all, Carolina Crown was, hands down, my favorite.

Recently, I stumbled upon this clip and the rest is history. I hope you enjoy what I came up with!

Alligator Sound Design?

"Making some killer sound design with an alligator's roar!" 

I'm always on the hunt for useful sounds. When I saw this, I knew I had to make something crazy!

Making a Fire Beat from Trash Sounds 🎵

I saw this challenge on TikTok from @tommybeets and I had to try it!

In his TikTok video, Tommy filmed different sounds made from a dump truck and asked, "Can you make a beat only using these garbage truck sounds?"

Let me know if I pulled it off!

Butterflies - AttaBotty (Music Video)

In 2020, I made this music video for my original song, "Butterflies".


It was a great stepping stone in my animation journey. Every detail of how this animation accompanies the music was programed manually from scratch. All-in-all, I think it  served it's purpose.

The butterfly 2D art in this video was made by my wife, Da'Nici.

The Bone Zone - AttaBotty (Music Video)

This is a music video we put together to go with an original song I made back in 2017, titled, "The Bone Zone".

At that time, the new “IT” movie just came out and I was inspired to make something terrifying. 

All the 2D art in this video was created by my talented wife, Da'Nici.



Run Babay - AttaBotty Remix (Music Video)

My wife and I created this music video for my remix of "Run Babay".

"Run Babay" is an original song produced by my son when he was 8 years old. Being my first publicly available music video, this release was published as part of my Youtube Channel's initial launch. 

All the 2D art in this video was created by my talented wife, Da'Nici.

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For Fun
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To Learn

How to use the FL Studio Arpeggiator

FL Studio comes with a built-in live arpeggiator that is very useful. In this video, I'll show you how to use it. 

There's a lot of manipulations the FL Studio's arpeggiator can do that goes beyond this video, but what I cover will have you running in no time.

How to make Arpeggios in FL Studio's Piano Roll

The piano roll is another great way to make arpeggios. Watch this video to learn a quick way to make arpeggios in the FL Studio Piano roll.


There are a lot of different methods to make arps in the piano roll, so this is by no means the only way.


I plan on making a video that will cover these different techniques in the future. Stay tuned!

5 Super Important Key Commands for FL Studio

Here are 5 key commands that are really helpful when using FL Studio!

List of Commands:

1.) Shift + Left Click

2.) Command/Ctrl + Left Click

3.) Opt/Alt + Left Click

4.) Command/Ctrl + N

5.) Command/Ctrl + L

Check out this video to see them in action!

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To Learn
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