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Digital Art

305 Violet Blaze Official Cover.png

AudioVisual art by: AttaBotty & Da'Nici

1/11 Editions

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305 Violet Blaze

305 Violet Blaze

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* To watch this piece the way it was intended, please be sure to set quality to 1080p and use your best headphones or speakers to fully appreciate the musical composition and SFX. Thank you!

305 Violet Blaze

During my trip to Miami Basel 2023, I was incredibly inspired by the powerful visionaries I had the opportunity to meet. Being in the midst of all the creative energy coupled with the jaw dropping view of the Miami violet skies, I felt like I had a blazing sensation under my feet – as if anything was possible.

Watching the sunrise with GeEk MyTh from the balcony of the legendary Crow’s Nest (a stunning museum-like apartment where MykNash graciously invited me to stay the night), I was entranced by this glistening music that I couldn’t get out of my head. It felt and sounded like everything in the world had a radiant shine, like a bejeweled glitch permeating all of existence.

This tingling music in my head would inevitably be the soundtrack to my adventure in Miami 2023.

When I got in the studio, I immediately started working and extracted this track from my mind. While producing, I couldn't help but feel flooded with the magical sensation I experienced in the presence of other passionate artists, musicians, developers, organizers, collectors, futurists, and upstanding individuals who shared a deep enthusiasm for art, humanity, and emerging technologies.

If not for myself, this track is for all the amazing souls I met and the shared hope of the blazing future ahead.

Assets used from my 2023 Miami trip:

• Album Cover photo: Taken at the Crow’s Nest balcony during sunrise (Saturday, ‎December ‎9, ‎2023, ‏‎7:07:25 AM)

• Audio recording in the intro: GeEk MyTh and I are in awe from the Crow’s Nest balcony, enjoying the morning view (Saturday, ‎December ‎9, ‎2023, ‏‎7:07:53 AM)

What's Included

1.) Upon request, a link to download the HQ Mp4 & Mp3 of "305 Violet Blaze"

Behind the Scenes

Programs used: 
FL Studio, Apple Motion, FinalCutProX, Blender, DaVinci Resolve

Apple Motion.png
Davinci Resolve.png
305 Violet Blaze Apple Motion.jpg

305 Violet Blaze project file in Apple Motion

Original Music for 305 Violet Blaze

Music Composition 

Original music for "305 Violet Blaze" by AttaBotty

This EDM single was made with contemporary digital technologies and sound design techniques. In an attempt to utilize the artistic concept "less is more," (in my own way) I aimed to make this track with as little elements necessary. Instead, I chose to focus on mostly 4 elements: Bass, Arps (Arpeggios), Drums and SFX.


The bass consisted of a 4 tier stacked blend of original serum patches. Each serum patch served as a piece to a puzzle that fills the bass's frequency range. 

The bass was solely responsible for the low, mid, and hi parts a music track is usually made of. Through changing the harmonic structure of the bass's sound, I was able to change the chord type at will.


1 serum patch plugged into FL Studio's arpeggiator. The variety in the arp's sound was created entirely by manipulating its FX chain.


The most difficult out of the 4 elements to design. The kick alone consisted of 7-8 kick samples stacked and blended into a single big kick. The snare was created the same way. Perc was a combination of heavily augmented loops and one shot samples.


A magician's gotta have some secrets 😂😉

(If you really want to know, you can dm me on X)

305 Violet Blaze Score.jpg

305 Violet Blaze Project Score

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