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Audiovisual Artist bringing eyes and ears closer to an altered state of awareness...


AttaBotty (William Carreras) is an independent audiovisual artist and social media content creator with over 20 years of combined experience in music production, film production, and animation. Together with his wife, Da'Nici, he co-founded AttaBotty Productions, a production studio specializing in custom animations and music. Their studio collaborates with a diverse range of creatives, including musicians, visual artists, animators, and game developers.


Since 2020, AttaBotty has been a social media content creator, producing original material for YouTube, TikTok, X, Instagram, and most recently,, where he won the inaugural 1st place prize for week 1 of the Hive Vibes music competition.


AttaBotty is a co-founder of ZTalent, a DAO dedicated to uplifting music artists through educating them about the power of blockchain technology, while also providing them with a team of professionals to enhance and bolster their brand. Additionally, he is a member of the Magenta podcast, which showcases creatives, particularly women, and their pioneering ventures in Web3. Furthermore, AttaBotty contributes as a team member and moderator to the PaperBuddha artist collective. In collaboration with Maxximillian, he works to build the futuristic city-world of SuperKind, where he serves as the lead 3D architect. AttaBotty's dedication to fostering community in Web3 also shines through his active involvement in various artists' initiatives, such as the NFT Record Shop and OnChain Records, where he contributes his original music, animations, and professional insights.


As an artist, AttaBotty is driven by a mission to capture the essence of everyday moments, promoting mindfulness and joy through his work. He is also fascinated by the dualistic nature of existence, a theme featured prominently in much of his art. His affinity for this subject ultimately stemmed from his battles with physical and mental ailments. Living with a multitude of systemic illnesses (including SLE [Lupus], Sjogren's, and Fibromyalgia), AttaBotty has discovered the importance of peace and self-love to maintain his functionality. While his health battles initially influenced his current perceptions, it was the out-of-body experiences during his toughest moments that led him to these invaluable lessons. Some arose from intense dreams during flare-ups, while others emerged from a desperate desire to escape pain and go somewhere else.


As his exploration of the mind deepened, AttaBotty's interest in psychedelic therapies naturally blossomed as well. This, in turn, led him to uncover a treasure trove of hidden wisdom embedded within these otherworldly experiences. He came to realize that our culture isn't the sole society to harness and benefit from these altered states, and that the use of these medicines almost always incorporates music and visual guidance. Thus, it is through his audiovisual art that he aspires to share these insights with as many receptive individuals as possible, aiming to contribute to a world that is more conscious, responsible, and compassionate.

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Da'Nici (Denis Carreras) is a 1st generation Venezuelan-American animator and digital artist. As an avid art enthusiast, Denis has always been captivated by the unique expressions of the misunderstood. 

Immigrating to the United States as a young child, Denis lived the shared reality of so many Hispanic-Americans by being raised in dual cultures. For her, the necessity to adjust to her surroundings was often a turbulent road. In her struggles, Denis was naturally drawn to the solace of art. With poetry, drawing and painting, Denis was able to explore herself and recognize her connection with life's details that are overlooked and misconceived. By mimicking her world on pen and paper, Denis not only sought to draw better, but to perceive truthful reality. 

As Denis developed her abilities on canvas and paper, she inevitably looked to transition into digital art. Hired initially as an illustrator for soap bars and flyer graphics, Denis eventually grew from drawing on a smart phone to a computer with a drawing tablet. 

In 2020, Denis's husband, William Stewart-Carreras, launched his Social Media Channels under the alias, AttaBotty. With each video, Denis was invited to create graphics and art to enhance the quality of his videos. 

In October 2021, Denis was commissioned by BMCC's Neurological Club to remix the logo donated to them by Dr. Matteo Farinella, co-author and illustrator of “Neurocomic: A Comic About the Brain”.

In May of 2022, Denis partnered with her husband to establish AttaBotty Productions.

AttaBotty Productions

AttaBotty Productions is a husband-wife led collaborative art studio that aims to create cutting-edge animated short films, art pieces, and original music. 


As artists, it is our greatest intention to create genuine pieces of art that showcase metaphorical concepts that are deeply important to us. With hopeful spirits, in establishing AttaBotty Productions, we will be able to explore this intent and create many works of artistic expression that align with whatever is pounding at our heads. 

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