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Digital Art

Alluring Continuity

Original Short Film by Da'Nici & AttaBotty

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2 x 1/1 Editions

Ξ .18 Reserve

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* To watch this piece the way it was intended, please be sure to set quality to 1080p and use your best headphones or speakers to fully appreciate the musical composition and SFX. Thank you!

Originally conceived by Da’Nici (Denis Carreras), “Alluring Continuity” traces the journey of a simple seed, nestling dormant in the dark earth, yet pulsing with potential, no bigger than the raindrop that awakens a transformation.


As the seedling sprouts, tentacled milky roots pierce the nether depths to harvest the soil's nutrient treasures whilst wispy green tendrils clamber to the surface where stems, like skyward spires, spear sunward, to unfurl blades of breathing leaf that harness light from its sun-kissed skin. This budding rapture culminates in an epiphany of color, crowning the final journey with fragrant plumes and flower blooms.


This wondrous alchemy of nature transmutes the elements of earth and sky into the sugars and oxygen that sustain all life and even into an aesthetic of efflorescence that nourishes the soul. Yet as the cycle of life shadows the change of seasons, flowers fade and leaves wither, but not before a promise of future rebirth is bequeathed in a simple seed, ensuring a fragile permanence and alluring continuity.

What's Included

For collectors who are the first to purchase 1 of the 2 editions of this piece - Unlockable content includes:


1.) A 7-inch acrylic sealed Infinite Objects digital frame to display this animated NFT. This frame is signed and authenticated by the artists who created this piece (Da’Nici & AttaBotty) and are linked to this NFT, “Alluring Continuity”.

2.) A laser imprinted USB Flash drive that includes a FHD 1080 x 1920 .MP4 file of this animation, a 32 bit .WAV file of the musical composition, and a message from the creators.

3.) A Physical Certificate of authenticity signed and dated by the creators.

4.) A signed 4 x 6 photographic art print of frame 786.

5.) A download link to a FHD 1080 x 1920 .MP4 file of this animation and a 32 bit .WAV file of the musical composition.


For collectors who purchase this piece on the aftermarket - Unlockable content includes:


1.) A download link to a FHD 1080 x 1920 .MP4 file of this animation and a 32 bit .WAV file of the musical composition.

How to Claim

After purchasing 1 of the 2 Editions of "Alluring Continuity" on Rarible, you will gain access to the unlockable content.

This includes 2 different redemption codes:

  • 1 code to redeem the physical content (this code can only be used once and is for the initial collectors) 

  • 1 code to gain access to the direct downloads


To Redeem the physical content:​

  1. Go to (this page)

  2. Scroll Down to the "CLAIM" section

  3. There are 2 Editions of "Alluring Continuity". Click "View Details" on the edition you purchased to be taken to the product page

  4. On the product page, click "add to cart", then press "view cart"

  5. In your cart, press "checkout"

  6. In the checkout page, copy and paste your one-time redeemable code included with your unlockable content from in the "apply coupon" section. This will bring the total cost down to $0 (including shipping)


For collectors in the U.S. your order will be received through UPS. International collectors will receive their order through DHL.

To access the direct downloads:​

  1. Go to the link provided with the unlockable content from

  2. This page is password protected. To gain access, use the direct download passcode provided with your unlockable content from

  3. You will then have access to the direct downloads

Carbon Footprint Removed

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Thanks to the partnership between Rarible and Nori, the carbon footprint of these 2 editions of "Alluring Continuity" were able to be removed! Learn more about it works at

Behind the Scenes

Programs used: 
Blender, FL Studio, FinalCutProX


“Alluring Continuity” is the result of 8 months of collaborative work between AttaBotty and Da'Nici.

At 42.17 seconds, this piece is comprised of 1025 frames that were specifically designed to be appreciated one-by-one as individual paintings.

Every detail down to the leafs, stems, flowers, trees and blades of grass were hand drawn, painted and separately animated.


Using a total of 777 layers of color, it required 702,846 strokes and 180 independent objects to complete this animation. Because every object is uniquely animated, the true combined total of frames for this piece is 71,766.


Alluring Continuity shown in Wireframe in Blender's 3D viewport.

Vertices mode_full.PNG

An entire miniature environment was developed to simulate the different stages of daytime and nightfall. It was also used to create a more accurate sense of depth perception.

Original Soundtrack for "Alluring Continuity"

The original soundtrack for"Alluring Continuity" was composed and produced by AttaBotty.


This accompanying musical piece features a full wind and string orchestra with modern samplers, effects and digital synthesizers.


The soundtrack was produced in AttaBotty's studio with a mixture of live recordings and digital virtual instruments. 

The digital instruments in this composition use state-of-the-art technologies to produce world class virtual ensembles. For many, they are indistinguishable from live performing musicians. 

The ensemble for this piece includes: 

  • Piano 

  • E. Piano 

  • Vibraphone 

  • Celesta 

  • Harp 

  • E. Guitar 

  • Oboe

  • Clarinet 

  • Choir

  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Cello

  • Arp Synthesizer

  • Bass Synthesizer

Alluring Continuity FL Score

Alluring Continuity Project

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