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Original Music 



Original Music by AttaBotty

Intergalactic space travel is fraught with dangers. When resting on an abandoned planet with an ancient mecha metropolis, be sure to bring a big gun–you're going to need it.


5 x Editions

Ξ .01

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What's Included

Collectors who purchase 1 of the 5 editions of "Mecha Valley" will receive:

  1. non-exclusive license to use this track royalty free for commercial or personal purposes. 

  2. a download link to this track as a 32 bit .WAV and/or .MP3

Examples of what collectors can use this track for include:

  • Games

  • Film

  • Animations

  • Podcasts 

  • Live Streams 

  • Remixes

YouTube Safe

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Commercial use

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Royalty Free

Prize Badge

Examples of what collectors cannot do with this track include:

  • Selling copies of the original unadulterated track 

  • Presenting the track as your own original work

  • Claiming copyright ownership (copyright stays with AttaBotty)

How to Claim

After purchasing 1 of the 5 Editions of "Mecha Valley" on OpenSea, you will gain access to the unlockable content.

This includes a Link and a Passcode:

  • Link -Takes you to the License registration form and direct download.

  • Passcode - Grants access to the webpage with the license registration and downloads.


To Redeem the License:​

  1. Go to the link provided with the unlockable content from

  2. To access this page, you will be prompted to enter a password. Copy and paste the passcode included with your unlockable content from

  3. Once you have access, you will see a License registration form. Fill it out and you will receive your license within 2 business days to the email you've specified. 

To access the direct downloads:​

  1. Go to the link provided with the unlockable content from

  2. To access the page, use the passcode provided with your unlockable content from

  3. The direct download is located below the registration form.

Behind the Scenes

Programs used: 
FL Studio, Serum, Kontakt 6

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Mecha Valley Project Playlist

Mecha Valley Project Score.png
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